Martial Awareness

Martial Awareness

If you don’t have a specific address, you cannot be contacted. The self, with which we define ourselves, is a construct that we maintain artificially and only what is there can be attacked.

Martial Awareness is the path of mindfulness and draws on the inner martial arts. In inner martial arts, speed and power play a less important role, because by giving up the fixed position of the self (ego, body) we evade the attack.

Mindfulness makes us aware of our environment and we can recognise problematic situations as they begin to take shape, and so avoid them.

Of course, there are also situations that we cannot prevent, avoid or transform. Then we need to end the danger in a determined manner, in a short and sharp way. This requires smart strategies, backed up by techniques that are quick and easy to learn.

Thanks to my 17 years of experience as a doorman on various Berlin club doors, and with my more than 30 years of training in various martial sports and martial arts, I can help you solve conflicts of different kinds, to live more confidently and with a more relaxed feeling.

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