Why meditate?

Stress arises when we are not in ourselves in the present moment. Instead, we are mostly in thoughts relating to the future or the past. That creates tension, like a rubber band being stretched. We unconsciously get used to this tension and carry it with us, and then it affects our activities, relationships, etc. Since we also encounter other people who are similarly stressed, this state seems normal – and if something seems normal then it also seems to be right and good.

Meditation brings us into the timeless moment in which we become aware. This lets us observe our habitual patterns and fixed beliefs, which we have acquired over time, and helps us realize that they may not be appropriate for the present time and situation. And so we can let them go. This gives us the space and clarity in which we can reconcile ourselves with our current situation.


Meditation is not an artificial activity that you “do”. It is our natural state of being. That’s why it doesn’t need any complicated methods.

We open ourselves to what is here and now. Body sensations, sounds, colours, movements, smells, thoughts, feelings, etc. are simply perceived without being interpreted.

We relax in this perception and we let go. Like a stone thrown in a river, we sink to the bottom where we are in contact with our true nature. The stability that we gain in this way allows us to be aware of everything, without being carried away by it.

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