Mind Coaching

We know unconsciously whether something is good for us or not. But the rational mind with its fear-based arguments mostly wins out and forces us to do things, even though our heart feels heavy and we intuitively know that these are not right for us.

Our society is consumer-, safety- and profit-oriented. It tries to make us think that life can only work properly if we are steady, security-oriented, plan everything and fill the emptiness inside us by consuming things. This leads us to take paths that offer us money and supposed security, but that don’t really satisfy us. We can also recognize similar patterns in our relationships.

That’s why there are many people in our society who, despite having a job, partner, money, are not really happy. Many types of dependencies and addictions can be seen as attempts to counteract this lack of happiness.

However, it’s possible to distinguish between the rational brain and our intuition, and to give both the space to do their tasks. Intuition helps us recognize our true purpose and inspiration, and the mind, the intellect, helps us to put this into practice.

In Mind Coaching I help you to observe your issue from different perspectives, let go of your fears and dependencies, broaden your horizons, and follow your heart.

Mind Coaching is also possible via video chat or telephone.

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