Way of Now



Time and again, for various reasons, we lose access to ourselves, feel under pressure, stressed out, restless or uncomfortable in our own body. We try either to avoid or suppress unpleasant things – and as a result just make things even more tense. Our thoughts are everywhere, only not in the present moment. We create our world in our heads – distorted and self-centered. We lose the connection with what our body is sensing. We revolve constantly around ourselves, which makes us increase our control mechanisms, and these in turn separate us from our fellow human beings.
The basic idea of ​​Way of Now is to achieve a state of harmonious resonance. It’s about feeling your own body and mind in the present moment, while also resonating with the other person. Way of Now teaches mindfulness that opens the way to flexibility and adaptability in interaction with others. We learn to perceive our own blockages and to dissolve tensions, enabling us to deal better with feelings often characterized as negative. We become calmer, more open and more appreciative of ourselves and others.


Yoga, meditation, autogenic training and MBSR have established themselves as techniques to bring body and mind into harmony. These however focus on the individual – but what about harmony with others? Way of Now draws on the different areas of my martial arts, meditation and work experience. The core element of Way of Now is a mix of individual exercises and partner exercises, carried out in pairs or in small groups, that allow you to experience awareness of your own body as well as the ability to resonate with other people. This can for example involve:

  • Meditative archery to find rest and balance in an entertaining and exciting way
  • Breathing exercises to see if we are in or out of the flow, and how to return to it
  • “Sticky Hands”, “Spinning Hands” or “Push Hands” (two people or more), partnering martial arts exercises to train intuitive adaptation to the other person
  • Role plays and focus mitt training to prepare for various self-defense situations
  • Open discussion rounds to strengthen the sense of community

You don’t need any special requirements for Way of Now: just curiosity. Age, previous sporting experience or physical fitness are not basic requirements. On the contrary: Way of Now is adaptable to each person’s needs.